How to Build a Smart and Profitable Opt-In List?

All marketers know the importance of a good opt-in list. An affiliate marketer cannot make great profits without offering an opt-in list. But just any opt-in list will not make you money. In fact, you may lose money in many opt-in lists. Only great opt-in lists can deliver great profits.A profitable opt-in list has some distinguishing qualities to set it apart. The most important ones are subscriber’s trust, interest and buying power. Let us take a look at these qualities so we can build a solid, expandable and a profitable opt-in list.Internet marketing is all about establishing trust between you and the customer. If the subscribers do not trust you, there is no need for them to read your message. Customers are busy. Their inbox is filled with hundreds of messages. Also, there are chances that your email will land in the spam box. If the users mark the message as spam, the spam filters would mark the domain as spam senders. To avoid this and gain customer’s trust, take care of the following points:• Don’t spam. Take customer’s permission first.• Only send relevant emails.• Don’t start selling immediately. Build a relationship first. Send free offers, tips and useful information.• Put subscriber’s interest first. Think about profits, but make sure to provide a value proposition to your customer.Customer engagement is important in the world of internet marketing. You only have 5 seconds to capture the attention of your reader. If readers are not interested in your offer, they will not read the entire content of the email. Take care of following tips:• Only send emails related to niche preferences checked by customer at the time of sign-up.• Send short and interesting emails.• Do not include more than three links in a single email. Keep it short and simple.• The reader interest can also change over time. For example, you built a list for keyword “Buy TV now”. After some time, many users might have already bought the TV. Hence the TV is no more a valuable or attracting proposition for customers.Instead, you can offer these customers other options like channel subscriptions, TV add-ons, future upgrades and other related entertainment offers.• Try to get subscribers feedback about each email campaign. Unsubscribing readers is a built-in signal that your campaign isn’t working as efficiently as needed. But the subscriber’s feedback makes it easier to optimize email campaigns as per their preference.A subscriber’s Buying Power or Potential Purchase Power is an important factor. If a subscriber trusts you, likes your offers but has no buying power, he is virtually nonexistent. You may be able to sell some free subscriptions through other sign-in lists, but that’s all there is to gain. These tips will help you:• Advertise your campaign only in targeted geographical areas that are relevant and accessible to your clients. The buying power of different countries and even areas within a particular country can be researched easily. Optimize your marketing efforts as per the data and relevant findings.• Selling high-value items to a budget oriented customer will not yield much success.In short, opt-in lists are great but they can only be an asset if built and maintained carefully. It is a delicate thing so it should be treated with love.Getting subscribers is only a tiny part of the game. The most important part is building customer trust and a long-term relationship. Feel free to send me a message about smart opt-in lists.